21 Aug 14

Car Roof Boxes

Roof boxes are great to have when travelling whether your going on holiday or taking a trip in the UK, around Europe or even across the world a roof box is becoming a necessity. They offer many uses and are the best and most practical solution when carrying luggage or precious cargo. The days of travelling on long journeys squeezing into a car packed with bags and items are no more thanks to these excellent innovations.[read more]

A roof box is secured to the roof rack of the car or vehicle with clamps and fittings which are supplied with the box, some cars have rails as standard and only require roof bars which clamp to the rails which tend to be cheaper, cars without rails but have gutters are able to buy racks especially for this type of design, either way roof racks will be required and are generally car specific although there are some universal types too.

It is possible to hire a roof box although if it's getting used at least once a year or more it ends up more worthwhile to buy one, especially as the rental charges are not that far off the cost of a small roof box.

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Roof boxes are available in different shapes and sizes so it really depends on the amount of luggage or cargo you're carrying. Roof boxes are mainly categorized in capacity (litres) starting from 200 litres all the way up to 500 litres. They can also be called 'half width' (half width of the car), 'full width' (full width of the car) 'long' and 'narrow' which are great for carrying skis etc  leaving space for a cycle rack or other items.

Famous Brands

Thule & Mont Blanc are some of the many roof box manufacturers offering the best when it comes to quality and price. Most systems are fitted with excellent locking systems which only let you take the key out if the box is properly shut.

One alternative to a solid roof box would be a roof bag which is collapsible when not in use, in some cases more practical and easier to store, although roof boxes do offer a more secure and stable transportation of items and are the preferred choice to most.

Cheapest the best option?

The cheapest roof boxes are not always the best choice, why? Aerodynamics! One of the major downsides of buying a cheap roof box is that it will drastically slow down the car when travelling at high speeds and will probably make a lot of noise. The good thing about Thule and others we advertise is they have tremendous build quality, a good roof box has a nice curved shape to allow the air to pass over with minimal resistance.

We have a big selection of roof boxes to view, sorted into different categories to help you choose. You can also take advantage of our sales and see the discounted roof boxes, to do this simply visit the special offers section.

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